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Library Rules and Regulation

All members/users making use of the available assets in the campus library must have regard to and respect for the library policies of the campus.

Research and Learning Focus

  1. The library scope and services are provided merely for educational purposes, not for personal business or recreational use such as gaming, singing, phone calls, playing music, etc.
  2. Use of Computers
  3. Time limits may apply to computer use in the course of high demand.
  4. Users may be asked to return the computers if found not utilizing them for academic or research purposes.

Personal Behavior

  1. The focus of the library is to sustain a productive learning territory where all people are treated with regard.
  2. A person exhibiting unruly or ill-suited behavior will be prohibited from utilizing the library facilities.
  3. Members who carry off books from the library are monitored under C.C.T.V. surveillance.
  4. Users must leave the library by closing time; a reminder will be given 10 min before the notified closing time. Respect for Library Resources
  5. All users must treat all the library material with care.
  6. Vandalization or damage of any resources is considered a grave misdeed.
  7. Reference books, thesis, journals, magazines, and newspapers cannot be borrowed from the library ID cards.
  8. An authentic campus ID card must be presented at the library lending desk to utilize specific services, computers, borrowing books, or further learning resources.
  9. A student should deposit the college identity card to select books from the shelf and leave it on the table after their use.
  10. In case of loss of student ID, the student can apply for new library membership and Rs. 100/- should be deposited.
  11. ID card is non-transferable to anybody to borrow library resources.

Discussion and Quiet Areas

  1. Making any kind of noise is strictly prohibited within the library territory.
  2. Audible use of the electronic device is not permitted in the library.
  3. Personal Belongings
  4. Personal Belongings (bags, overcoats, helmets, folders, and umbrellas) should be kept on the shelf in the entrance of the library.

Food and Drink

  1. No foods or drinks are permitted in the library hall.


  1. Students are eligible to borrow TWO books for 1 month, which can be renewed once.
  2. Students who fail to return the book on time have to pay Re 1/- per day per book applying after the due date.
  3. Teachers (Professors, associate professors, and lecturers) are allowed to borrow 10 books for 6 months, which can be renewed once.
  4. Contract teachers are eligible to borrow 10 books for 6 months.
  5. Staff is permitted to borrow 5 books for 3 months, which can be renewed once.
  6. In case of a lost book, it is mandatory to bring the same book from any book store, else double price i.e. recorded in the library record of the book is fined.
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Library Opening Hours
Sun-Fri 7 AM - 6 PM
Borrowing Hours
Members 7 AM - 6 PM
Membership Benefits
Faculty 10 Books
Students 2 Books
Staff 5 Books
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